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Swinging Screen Doors

2 1/2″ Extruded Aluminum Frame (See Photos Below)

  • Ranchero
  • El Dorado
  • Galaxy
  • Oasis
  • Colonial
  • Montego
  • La Jolla
  • Prairie
  • Cape Cod
  • Vista
  • Santa Fe
  • Protecto
  • Full Grill Protecto
  • Full Grill Santa Fe

Security Swing Out Doors:

Sliding Screen Doors

Active Sliding Doors:
– Medium Grade: 1 3/4″ Extruded Frame
– Heavy Duty Grade: 2 1/2″ Extruded Frame (See Sentry Product Photo)

Alumco Sliding Scren Doors:

Swinging Screen Doors

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Century Sliding Screen Door with Pet Grill.jpg
Colonial Swing Out Screen Door with Pet Door.jpg
Galaxy 3200 Swing Out Door.jpg
El Dorado 3900 Swing Out Door.jpg
Full Grill Protecto 4800 Swing Out Door.jpg
Full Grill Santa Fe 6800 Swing Out Door.jpg
Giant 5700 Swing Out Screen Door.jpg
Gibralter 5000 Security Door.jpg
La Jolla 6300 Swing Out Screen Door.jpg
Model E 6000 Swing Out Screen Door.jpg
Montego 3500 Swing Out Screen Door.jpg
Oasis 6100 Swing Out Screen Door.jpg

Window Screens

We fabricate our window screens on site. We have 4 frame colors to choose from:

White, Aluminum (Silver/Gray Color), Bronze (Dark Brown) and Almond.

We have six different choices of screen mesh to choose from:

  • Standard Insect Screen Mesh ( Comes in Charcoal and Gray Colors)
  • Heavy Duty Insect Screen Mesh (Charcoal Color only)
  • Light Pet Screen (Charcoal color only)
  • Heavy Pet Screen (Charcoal color only)
  • Clearview Screen (Charcoal color only)
  • Sun Screen (Charcoal and Grey color)

We use a 5/16″ standard screen frame on a majority of our jobs. We can also order 1/4″ screen frame and 1″ screen frame upon request.

Sliding Screen Doors

sliding-door We offer a 1.75″ or a 2.5″ extruded Frame with steel rollers and metal handle. Available in Bronze, Gray, or White. You can order with your choice of mesh! Choose between the Regal, the Marquis, and the new Maui sliding screen door (PDF).

Screen Door Color Options

All of our screen door products come in black and white, with either smooth gloss or textured matte finish. Our other color options* are Almond, Bronze, Driftwood and Weathered Brown.

*Due to the nature of color presentation on various computer monitors, the colors you see here may not be accurate. To see an accurate color and texture sample, email us or call (760) 941-8880 for a free on-site estimate.